We make it our Mission to

Farm with tomorrow's


Restoring soil health by putting back carbon into the soil.

Animal Feed

Capturing bacteria and reducing natural methane emissions.

Building Material

Improving the chemical properties of the end product.

Carbon Credits

Improving overall cost by unlocking carbon finance.

Our Biochar

Through our very unique process, we create a more refined version of biochar which contains a high percentage of carbon. Improving soil characteristics instantly through the amendment of our high-quality Carbon that promotes healthier soils to increase the sustainability of agricultural practices.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to reintroduce carbon into the soil through biochar. This will create a ‘living space’ for microbial life in the soil, thereby enabling the farmer to farm in a more sustainable way. With this regenerative farming approach, very few chemicals will be needed and the soil itself will be significantly more ‘healthy’. Thus reducing inputs over the long term and lifting soil health overall that will help to increase farming operations’ viability through adapted farming practices.

Our Philosophy

We strive to aid the capturing of carbon and putting it back into the soil. In time to come, once critical mass is reached, this will go a long way towards helping to offset the negative environmental impact that humanity (as a species) continues to have on planet Earth.

Carbon Credits

We intend to employ the use of carbon credits to reduce the total cost to the consumer. Carbon credits promise to foster a more rapid uptake and scalability of carbon-conscious farming best practices.

Working With Nature

The restoration of nature by design