Company profile and collaboration with CNI

Ergofito offers products for the Agricultural, Waste Management, Sewage Treatment and Oil Spill remediation markets. Ergofito produces and carries a wide range of products. The Ergofito vision is simple: it’s all about balance. Just as CNI does, Ergofito, through its broad and varied product range, seeks to identify where deficiencies or imbalances have occurred within the environment, and then works towards bringing these back into harmony—the way things should be. This is partially achieved with Ergofito Universal.

“…to reverse the negative influence that humankind continues to exert on the environment.”

Ergofito’s varied and extensive range of products benefits the environment, leading to primarily, rehabilitation from toxicity, but also making the environment stronger and healthier.

The Carbon Negative Industries and Ergofito collaboration share a primary goal: to reverse the negative influence that humankind continues to exert on the environment.

Ergofito Universal is a general-purpose agricultural product for all crops, fruits, vegetables, grass and trees. It also contains kelp for improved root and leaf growth.

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Research Papers

Biostimulant Efficacy Test in Greenhouse Cucumber Culture
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Key Benefits

The use of Ergofito Universal (which contains CNI’s unique bio-char composite) led to a 30% saving in the cost of fertilizer, plus a noticeable increase in crop yields. A higher quality in the fruit produced was also evident. It is noted that the crops proved to be more resistant to pests/diseases, owing to the plants themselves being far healthier. This in turn translates into better yields. Plants also proved to be more resilient to external factors.