Our Products

Animal Feed

Pure carbon powder (as a raw ingredient for animal feed)

For farming, in own animal feed—for example, can mix in with own molasses, corn, special feed formulae (as per own design requirements) …all this, CNI can supply. With this offering, the client is able to undertake their own formulation and mix requirements (dependent upon their own needs).


Pure carbon powder (as an ingredient for fertilizer)

ReStore is a revolutionary high carbon-based NPK packed fertilizer pellet. Its composition is based on soil biology requirements, the physical properties of carbon and some advanced technological know-how. ReStore’s unique formula of carbon (biochar), and free-range chicken litter optimizes the soil’s biology to minimize input costs while maximising output. ReStore offers increased yields, resilience to climate instability, and higher soil health and vitality.

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Building Industries

Pure carbon powder (as a raw ingredient for building materials)

We can supply the pure carbon powder as an additive into building materials (e.g. paint mixture, lime, bricks, cement).


Pure carbon powder (as an ingredient for various biological applications)

Ergofito have formulated an amazing product using CNI’s bio-charcoal as an additive. The product is marketed and known as Ergofito Universal.

Soil Enhancers

Pure carbon powder (as a raw ingredient for enhancing the quality of the soil)

The addition of carbon to soil actually alters the properties of the soil—for example, CEC (cat-ion exchange capacity), WHC (water holding capacity), etc.