Test Farms

Carbon Negative Industries (CNI) collaborates with farmers at two farms: one just outside Wolmaransstad (North West Province) and the other in Stanford (Western Cape). CNI’s research and development (R&D) is conducted at these test farms.

In addition to the aforementioned farms, CNI is also conducting trials with Fruitmax Agri in the Two-a-Day group, situated in the Elgin area.

Trial 1

The first trial relates to challenges with compaction and non-fertile agricultural soil in an anaerobic soil environment. The trials are geared towards the regeneration of these soils—turning them back into healthy fertile soil. To re-establish the right balance between aerobic and anaerobic soil conditions and countering the compaction problems also preventing from returning there with implemented practices.

Primarily, this is being done by raising the carbon levels of the soil by reintroducing the right biology that CNI’s premium biochar contains.

CNI’s premium biochar establishes the balance between aerobic and anaerobic conditions in the soil profile, thereby countering compaction problems.

Trial 2

The second test/trial relates to the comparison between newly planted orchards with biochar added, and the other without biochar—to determine whether there’s a significant difference between the two samples.